Proxy feat Sen Dog of Cypress Hill – Mad Dog


Russia’s mysterious cold war electronic maverick, Proxy, returns with his second outing on Sotto Voce. Originally released last year as the track 10,000 on the label it now features one of Proxy’s hero’s on vocals. Cypress Hills Very own Sen Dog. Proxy has always had a hip hop mentality stretching far back. He used a legendary Tim Dog Sample on his ‘Shut Up’ track in 2012. 

Proxy claims, “I always thought 10,000 had the aggression to suit a real hip hop vocal. I wanted something powerful. I immediately thought of Sen from Cypress Hill. He had the more in your face vocal which I asked to approach. I didn’t think we could ever make it happen but he said yes. Sen is cool! 

The B Side is vintage Proxy with Talking bubble. Awkwardly intense with no let up on the sinister power.