Proxy – 10000 * Nemezis EP

Russia’s mysterious electronic maverick, Proxy, is set to drop one of his most intriguing 2 track ep’s to date “10,000 & Nemezis” on Jon Gooch’s (a.k.a. Feed Me) label Sotto Voce. Emerging from the nuclear blast fallout from Feed Me’s highly acclaimed debut album, Calamari Tuesday, 10,000 & Nemezis is a giant leap in the right direction for Sotto Voce, as it is the first release from an artist other than Feed Me.

“I like Proxy’s unrestrained and visceral approach to music in an environment fought with conformity and repetition. He combines it with a well cut aesthetic to produce an immersive world. Both tracks have a sinister brooding that takes me back to the first time I heard Prodigy of Chemical Brothers, there’s real intent behind the writing. Love it.”  – Jon Gooch aka Feed Me

10,000 & Nemezis is a hard hitting dark electro ep, with unrelentless bass that is sure to entice a riot with cold riveted beats. It embodies the new world order of dance music, and has the backing from the underground rave-czars.

Themed around the Soviet Union’s golden area with images from the Space Race, “10,000”’s video fully embraces the Hammer and Sickle way, while diving deep into the roots of Proxy

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“Feed Me is an artist I have always had a lot of respect for. To be the first new artist other than Feed Me on his new Sotto Voce label is an honour for me. ‘10,000’ follows the sequence of two previous tracks ‘8000’ and ‘9000’. I have a thing for numbers. When i wrote this record I Knew I had to do something new with the Proxy so releasing through Sotto Voce was the perfect fit. Its all good being part of something already big but to be a part of something new, well there is nothing more exciting than that.” – Proxy